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Chamori Nation....Up-Dates. 08-30-2012
FYI....Dear Sir (Madam:
I read Mr. Lee Webber's column this morning in PDN and wanted to reply. I enjoyed the article very much. It has a pleading sense of conviction that appears to be going NO-WHERE.
I am here in San Jose, CNMI, getting ready to cruise to Pagan Island and the FDM.
Why would anyone appeal to the masses this late stage, a few days before the Primary Elections? Wondering. It is evidently clear that  Chamori Nation is winning this game of intercourse and media-hype, despite being suppressed by the gurus in the local papers, TV and Radio. Abiba Taotao Tano. 
I am gonna say it again to be clear: The Marines & Japan Defense Forces are not welcome on Guam & CNMI. You are not gonna use our islands as VENUE for World War Three. You are not gonna turn our islands into another SODOM & GOMORRAH. GET THE Fxxx OUTTA HERE.
The Marines & Japan Defense Forces are not welcome on Guam & CNMI. Spray your Agent Orange in Tampa? Dallas? Denver? or Seattle? GET THE Fxxx OUTTA HERE.
The Marines & Japan Defense Forces are not welcome on Guam & CNMI. Spray your DDT in Akron? Buffalo? Syracuse? or Boston? GET THE Fxxx OUTTA HERE.
The Marines & Japan Defense Forces are not welcome on Guam & CNMI. Dump your PCB in Tempe? Phoenix? Fairfax? or Memphis? GET THE Fxxx OUTTA HERE.
The Marines & Japan Defense Forces are not welcome on Guam & CNMI. Dump your Nuke Wastes in Tahoe? Vegas? Atlanta? or Detroit? GET THE Fxxx OUTTA HERE.
The Marines & Japan Defense Forces are not welcome on Guam & CNMI. Dump your Brown Tree Snakes in Maui? Tokyo? Sydney? or Yuma? GET THE Fxxx OUTTA HERE.
I love being called a "radical" or "extremist" particularly when the elites are moving to exact my thoughts and impressions. The Chamorro Language Mandate must be ended. Terminate the Chamorro Studies Division at DOE. End the cycle of ABUSE. Identity Crisis? Every tread of evidence is pointing towards my conviction that our people are suffering from PTS or Post Traumatic Syndrome.
Like the leadership forging a memorial to engrace the spirits of the Korean Crash Victims at Nimitz Hill, using ancestral lands returned by the Navy. Or to build a $2-million new interactive museum at Skinner's Plaza. Knowing all the while that the remains of our ancestors, which I forced to be repatriated from the Bishop Museum in 2000 continue to be housed in shoe-boxes somewhere in Tiyan. Is this "Chamorro Pride"? To abandon our sacred obligations to our ancestors?
I have stated before that America is guilty of ETHNIC CLEANSING since 1898 when Navy Governor O'Leary changed GUAHAN-2-GUAM. He stoled our spirit and Identity. I want them restored. I also remarked that the 1951 Peace Treaty in San Francisco was a total SHAM. America absolved Japan of WAR CRIMES committed against our people. This is NOT acceptable. 1 Nation cannot absolve another of WAR CRIMES. It is akin to Israel absolving Germany of GENOCIDE and MASS MURDERS by Adolf Hitler in WW2.
Visit us on TWITTER.COM by searching for Chamori Nation. Check us out on Facebook and MySpace. Read our letters and columns in Pacific Times, Ms George & Europa Times, Kiwi Times, China Democrat, Jolita Amerika and Arabia Times. I know you hate us for wanting to change the "business as usual" charade but according to our ancient ones....we are doing them for all the right reasons "dignity & honor" and doing them successfully.
My team and I will be camping out on FDM toprotest the Bombing Exercises by the U.S. Air Force & the U.S. Navy. Roundup the Coast Guards, Marines and what-have-you. Bombs Away or setup a Blockade. We have invited CNN and the World Press to document the events. Our friends at Green Peace International will be on-hand to assist. Come and Celebrate CHAMORI FREEDOM and CHAMORI LIBERATION. Remember the days when Art Jackson and Ed Benavente jumped the fence at NAS Hagatna? Kool, huh?
Abiba Taotao Tano.
Inatan Maolek
MagaSaina Mataknga
Spiritual Leader of the Chamori Peoples of
Guahan, Luta, Tinian, Saipan, Agrigan, Anatahan,
Alamagan, Sarigan, Pagan, Guguan & Maug.
My International Cellular Number is: (808) 275-6661
*Leave a message and I will return your call.

Chamori Nation is not a "fringe element".
It is so wonderful that Delegate Bordallo and Congressman Joe Walsh referenced Chamori Nation as the "fringe element"  responsible for the delays in the Military Buildup. Because we disagree with the Governor, Delegate, Senators & business folks does not classify us a "fringe" as in "non-comformists".
Please remember my grandpa's subliminal discourse: "Your indescretions of the past will one day bite you."
I spoke to a crowd of Chamori citizens in Bakersfield and someone asked me why I was vehemently against the Military on Guam & CNMI. Politely, I responded that I hold no such hatred for the Military at all. I serve 2-years in the Army during the Vietnam conflict as a "spook" for the Army Signal Corps. I attended the Army's cryptographic school and enjoyed my tours of duty. I was drafted in 1969 and serve honorably and decorated. I serve my time and returned with my Chinese wife and daughter. I worked and retired with AT&T with 15-years. I even served as VeePee for the Marianas Chapter of AFCEA at Nctams.
What  upsets me is not the Military but members of my own kind who gravitate to dishonesty . A good example is ANGEL SANTOS, bless his soul. I can assure you that I hold NO respect for Mr. Santos. Angel brought me into the fray with Master Sargeant Leroy Foster and the spraying of agent orange at AAFB. I accepted and  adopted the issues and continued-on to the present day. Angel compromised his values and beliefs and became a Senator in the Legislature. He never said a damn thing about Mr. Foster's condition or the AF's dispicable acts.
Then we have Carl Gutierrez. In 1997 when I left Guam, I started working with Hui Malama at the Bishop Museum. I wanted the ancient remains (Hornbostel collection) to be repatriated back to Guam & CNMI. I always believed the Museum was holding on to the remains as treasure but i learned that the Museum wanted the remains repatriated but our Governors, Gutierrez on Guam & Camacho on Saipan had no place to put them so they procrastinated. Lt. Governor Bordallo introduced the "naftan Manaina-ta" which to this day remains a pipe-dream. What pissed me off was when Gutierrez build a memorial on Nimitz Hill for the victims of the Korean Plane Crash with ancestral lands returned from the Navy. Knowing that our ancestors were languishing in shoe-boxes in Hawaii and have been there for 75+years. Boy was I fuming so I sued the Bishop Museum, Gov Guam & CNMI.
Now we still witness the same crapola with our present leadership. Guamanian Calvo is building a $2-million dollar Museum at Skinner's Plaza while our ancestors remain in shoe-boxes at a Tiyan facility. What ever happened to the Naftan Manaina-ta?
I am gonna tell you people again. You continue to ignore my calls to restore the Identity and the Spirit of our people by changing GUAM-back-2-GUAHAN. Everything else is fundamental.
Si Yu'os Ma'ase'
Maga'Saina Mataknga
Spiritual Leader of the Chamori Peoples
of Guahan, Luta, Tinian, Saipan, Agrigan,
Guguan, Alamagan, Anatahan, Sarigan, Pagan & Maug.

Rear Admiral Paul Bushong RESPONSE letter....7/28/12
I stand to denounce the comments made by Rear Admiral Paul Bushong at his relieve ceremonies in Nimitz Hill. I also stand to chastize Lt Governor Ray Tenorio for his assidious remarks in support of the Admiral.
Guam leaders must step UP-TO-THE-PLATE with regards to the military buildup. I am not sure about it being a "mulligan" as it being a disaster on the part of the Navy & DOD. Do not blame Guam officials for your inherent malfeasance and ineptitude. DOD was the problem here and always been the culprit. This is an US vs YOU and it has been since you sprayed Agent Orange on our island, since you dumped Nuke Waste at Apra Harbor, since you littered our island with unexploded munitions after WW2, since you introduced the snakes, fire ants & Rhino Beetle, since you sprayed DDT, since you dumped PCB on Cocos Island, Asan, Piti & Agana Springs, since you stole our spirit & identity by changing our island from GUAHAN-2-GUAM, since you absolved the government of Japan of WAR CRIMES....and other racial and immoral political agendas.
I have a simple question for you Admiral Bushong, Why are you trying to MURDER my people? Why is America doing everything on earth to subjugate and keep my people prisoners in our own island? Why is America trying to kill my people with Welfare & Foodstamps and keep us on a leash? We want FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE.
I suppose you want us to choose loyalties & change our attitudes. Go back to the expected roles of submission? In 1942, my grandpa was singing Uncle Sam please come back to Guam. Here in 2012, we are singing Uncle Sam please GET THE FXXX OUT. Which part of GET OUT don't you understand, Admiral?
Of course you are gonna pump that morbid lesson that without America's generosity, we will become a 3rd world bunker in the middle of no where. And you will preach that America is our defense shield from EVIL....just like in world war 2, when you left us to fend for be invaded by Japan.
As for Lt. Governor TENORIO, he does not represent the Chamori People of the Islands. He represents the GUAMANIANS (non-islanders). He does not speak for the Chamori People. He and his Boss, GUAMANIAN CALVO are both TRAITORS to our people. I wish to remind them again that addressing us as 'your fellow guamanians' will not ERASE 5000+ years of HISTORY.
Good luck Vice Admiral Paul Bushong in your new assignment. I am pretty sure we will cross paths in the not too distant future. I happen to own the website magazine: Arabia Times, based in Lebanon.
Inatan Maolek,
Maga'Saina Mataknga
Spiritual Leader of the Chamori Peoples of Guahan, Luta, Tinian, Saipan,
Agrigan, Alamagan, Anatahan, Guguan. Sarigan, Pagan & Maug.

Chamori Nation...Wants Sacred Spirit & Identity RESTORED.
June 28, 2012
Dear Sir (Madame):
Please include my letter in your Voice of the People column.
Hafa Adai Manamori,
The time is ripe to forge our island back to its glory days and greatness. It is time to change GUAM-back-to-GUAHAN. It is time to restore our ancient Spirit and sacred Identity.
America is guilty of Ethnic Cleansing since 1898 when NAVY Governor O'Leary changed the name of our island from GUAHAN-to-GUAM. He stoled our Spirit and our Identity. We want them restored.
I have asked Delegate Bordallo and Delegate Gregorio Kilili Sablan to introduce legislation in the Congress to correct this dispicable and aggregious murder of our race. So far, they have kicked the ball down the road by deferring to Governor Calvo and the Guam Legislature. I must remind them again that it is already the LAW since Former Governor Felix Camacho tendered his Executive Order, prior to him leaving office. We have not read anything to the contrary or anything to void that Executive Order.
Our members in the Chamori Nation have been quite excited and forceful about this issue as we continue to exploit the financial meltdowns in Guam & the CNMI....particularly in America.  In the very near future, I expect to file complaints against the Secretary of HHS to terminate all foodstamp & welfare programs for Guam & CNMI. This cycle of Abuse must end. Additionally, I expect to file complaints against the governments of the United States & Japan to secure an apology and compensation for WAR CRIMES they committed against our people. The 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty was a SHAM. America absolved Japan of any WAR CRIMES committed against our people. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. One nation cannot absolve another of WAR CRIMES. This is akin to Israel absolving Germany of Mass Murders committed by Adolf Hitler.  And the most insulting retrospect is that America Lied & Betrayed our people for 70+ years about these War Claims. Most importantly, they remain in active COLLUSSION with the Government of Japan and consider sending members of the Japanese Defense Forces to our islands to TRAIN. This is sick...sick...sick and we will no longer stand such abuse. Please understand our CONTEMPT.
Please follow us on TWITTER.COM by searching for Chamori Nation.  Read our postings and how we interact with the powers in America and abroad. Read about our campaign to push Guam & the CNMI into bankruptcy. Read about our campaign to void and subplant the tourism markets for Guam & CNMI. Read about our campaign to STOP the military buildup on Guam.  Read about our campaign to make Guam & CNMI into a Financial Centre; a Transhipment Mecca and a TAX-FREE location. Read about the Diamond deposits on Cocos Island, Luta-Tinian and Pagan. Read about our listings for JOBs? JOBs? JOBs? We are the future of our people.
Inatan Maolek,
Maga'Saina Mataknga
Spiritual Leader of the Chamori Peoples of
Guahan, Luta, Tinian, Saipan, Agrigan, Pagan,
Anatahan, Alamagan, Sarigan, Guguan & Maug.
Some examples of our Twitter Postings...
***GUAMANIAN CALVO. STOP insulting our ANCESTORS. We are not ur "fellow guamanians". You cannot erase 5000+ years of HISTORY. Chamori Nation.
***GUAMANIAN CALVO. Shut-Down the Chamorro Studies Division & End the Chamorro Language Mandate. Identity Crises? Chamori Nation.
***GUAMANIAN CALVO. Shut-Down the Guam Army National Guard & the Air Guard Components. Chamori Nation.
***READ MY LIPS. Marines & JDF r not welcome on Guam & CNMI. Not gonna use our islands as VENUE for World War Three. GET OUT.
***VINDICATION? The V.A. is now accepting & paying Claims for Agent Orange Exposures while in VIETNAM. Submit your claims NOW. Chamori Nation. What about the people of Guam who never went to VIETNAM?
***The AF General who authorized the spraying of Agent Orange @ AAFB Guam must be arrested. Murder is a crime, Hitler? Chamori Nation.
***Okinawa People want Marines OUT b/c they sprayed Agent Orange there too. Some kinda global extinction program, Hitler? wtf Guam.
***How quaint? The 2 Super Ferries that Saina wanted from MARAD for CNMI & Guam will be assigned to the islands according to the USN.
***Infrared Spectrameter detected Diamond deposits on Cocos Island. Topographic Scans & Excavations required. Chamori Nation.
***DYSFUNCTIONAL RETARDS? CNMI LNR Commission sez we need a Permit to mine Pozzolan, Diamonds, Manganese & Silver on Pagan. Chamori Nation sez NO. Wait 4 CNMI to BELLY-UP.
***DYSFUNCTIONAL RETARDS? CNMI sez we need approval to develop the islands of Anatahan, Alamagan, Agrigan, Guguan, Sarigan, Pagan & Maug. Chamori Nation sez NO. Wait 4 CNMI to BELLY-UP.
***In 1977 Saina developed a natural snake repellent but refuses to share with DOA, DOD or GPA. GuamPDN files.
***Since 1949 America spent $Billions to erradicate the Brown Tree Snakes on Guam. What is it worth to YOU? $25-Billion? $50-Billion? $100-Billion? Ha-Ha-Ha?
***Technologies4sale.....ALZEIMERS CURE....developed by nperez & micropacificl labs. Chamori Nation.
***Technologies4sale.....HOLOGRAM SYNTHESIZER.....invented by nperez & micropacific labs. Chamori Nation.
***MITT ROMNEY is the essence of DISHONESTY. Reminds me of Cheney & Rumsfield...da butchers. WMD? Ha-Ha-Ha?
***THANK YOU for supporting CHAMORI INDEPENDENCE.   SAVE america? SAVE cnmi? SAVE guam? Win-Win-Win.

FAB-5 should be tattered & scorned....
June 25th, 2012
Hello Sir:
Please include my letter to the Voice of the People.
I recently read letters from Mr. Lee Webber & Mr. Lee Holmes asserting blame on the notorious Fab-5 members in the Guam Legislature for the Pause or Downsizing of the Military Buildup on Guam....thanks to my surrogates, DeeDee Francisco & Regina Borja.
YES. The FAB-5 are certainly to Blame for their tenacity and absolute dedication to our island's interests. They should be tattered and scorned for caring for our island's wellbeing FOREMOST. It is a well known premise and tauted everywhere that Guam's interests come secondary to the needs of America. What is good for America is good for Guam. This consideration is absolute BULL PUCKEY.
When they accidentally introduced the Brown Tree Snakes in 1949, was that good for Guam? When they sprayed DDT islandwide & Agent Orange at AAFB Guam, were those GOOD for Guam? I can now safely assert that the Brown Tree Snake infestation was a BLESSINGS because it became a natural migrant control and KEEPS the Tourism Industry at-bay. Otherwise, our beautiful island paradise will become a complete CONCRETE JUNGLE.
No folks, blame us...the Chamori Nation. We proudly stand GUILTY and PLEASED. And we will continue to share our opinions and virtues nationally and internationally until the Chamori people are FREE. It is our DESTINY. The Marines and the Japanese Defense Forces are not welcome on Guam & CNMI. You are not gonna use our islands as VENUE for World War Three.
SAVE america? SAVE cnmi? SAVE guam? Support Chamori Independence. Abiba Taotao Tano.
Inatan Maolek,
Maga'Saina Mataknga
Spiritual Leader of the Chamori Peoples of
Guahan, Luta, Tinian, Saipan, Agrigan, Pagan,
Alamagan, Anatahan, Sarigan, Guguan & Maug.

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