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Mental Telepathy

by....norbert perez

In 1994, I headed a group of researchers at the University of Guam tasked with investigating the many instances of telepathy by the Chamori people of Guahan, Rota, Tinian and Saipan. We interviewed and recorded nearly 1000 citizens, who told us about their near-death experiences; telepathic communications with loved ones; and incidental perceptions of things to happen before they did. The results of these interviews were inspirational.

Additionally, we conducted a 2nd telepathy study involving people with animals and these results were more than phenomenal. It appeared that communications with animals happened more times as telepathy rather than sound bytes. Scientists worldwide have acknowledged that animals have greater sensitivity to mind communications than humans. For those of you with pets, you're welcomed to experiment with this phenomenon. Next time you wish to say something to your pet, try saying it mentally or telepathically. You'd be surprised at the results.

From 2000-2005, we conducted a worldwide study on mental telepathy for women. This investigation involved the use of Pupulun Aniti (kava) as a physical suppressant and special ancient Chamori chants dedicated to honing-in the subject's mental concentration. This research was an overwhelming success as it allowed us to control, at least on more occasions, the incidence of telepathy. It further provided us with greater insights on long-distance instantaneous. Unlike other forms of communications medium, telepathy appears to be in a time-void spectrum.


Allow me to share a little theory I have had for many, many years. Isn't it amazing that the civilizations of planet earth designed and constructed magical superstructures like the Pyramids in Egypt, Latte Stones in Guahan, Nan Madol in Pohnpei, Stonehenge in England, Machu Pichu in Peru, Mayan Cities in Mexico, and many others about the same timeline...3000-5000 years ago? What's more amazing is how these civilizations have fizzled-out and the construction of these marvelous wonders just STOPPED. What we are seeing today are simply the remnants and ruins of these great civilizations. What happened? How can the intelligent beings who designed and built these architectural marvels suddenly just fade away? One would think that with such great minds, the world would have prospered and mankind's development would have advanced by 3000-5000 years.

Some in the scientific community believe that divine intervention took place in these ancient times with these ancient civilizations and I share their convictions. Special powers of Telepathy and Telekinesis were granted to certain individuals in the hopes of advancing mankind. However, these gifts were inherently abused for selfish reasons of course and the powers of Telepathy and Telekinesis died out with them, thus supporting the notion of personal and deliberate extinction.


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