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SCOTUS...2nd American Revolution.
by: Norbert Perez
The lessons to be learned from SCOTUS & the decisions by the High Court & Chief Justice John Roberts. The Supreme Court literally declared war on America and thereby forging the 2nd American Civil War.
This is a good thing.
Let me explain. The Supreme Court's decision earlier to rule the Citizen's United case as Constitutional was an exercise most liberals believe to be an abomination to our founding fathers. Technically...(it was) and Chief Justice Roberts may be having 2nd thoughts. The Citizen's United case was disgusting, frustrating & unconscienable.
However, the recent decision by SCOTUS to declare the Heathcare Law constitutional is the other axiom in this equation. 
For all practical purposes, Americans have become problematic to their own democracy. In every state & territory, the voting numbers have been steadily decreasing since World War Two. Americans have taken their voting rights for granted. With the influx of funds from the hard Right encouraged by the Citizen's United ruling, a new resurgence has emerged from the citizenry. There appears to be a strong cry from Americans coast-to-coast to end the Citizen's United catastrophe with a LOUD call to change the Constitution to make it illegal. I personally believe that the Supreme Court made a calculated error in judgement and I expect both the LEFT and the RIGHT to capitalize on this ruling. More and more foreign monies will become streamed and hevean-forbid, a rash of corruption and divestitures seem inevitable. Americans are becoming disenfranchized and the "land of the free" is no longer theirs.
The GOP is slowly back-tracking as they find themselves on the wrong-side of the country. I always asked myself about the Citizens United movement and who exactly are they for? Similar analogy comes to-mind when I ask about the "Occupy Wall-Street movement? I recently voiced an opinion on Twitter about Senator Rand Paul and his endorsement of Mitt Romney. Why? As an advocate of the Tea Party Movement, I question Senator Paul's judgement and if he is simply pandering to the Sheldon Adelsons & the Koch Brothers?
Thank you to SCOTUS. Chief Justice John Roberts, I believe is the NEW Abe Lincoln and his court will be perceived as a NEW maturization and reempowerment of the electrate to define America as the One Person-One Vote idealogy that made our country GREAT.
The theorem of governance in this modern era will, more-than-likely continue the struggle....

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